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Meow Meow "Cracked" (Integrity) Spiffy cover, reliable label, what could go wrong? As it happens, nothing. The off is a deliriously scratched space halfway between radio stations on the FM and it intros the shimmering, sideways sidle of the guitar storm, "Cracked". A real find and Meow Meow are a gi-bleeding-normous, big band, big sound, and have, God help them, really, no, really, mum, something for everyone. Sly, n breathy vox, return of the fucking ice-age blizzard of squalling guitars, a la Nectarine #9, but sooo tightly controlled. Shit, bugger-fuck, another toon, "Not Worth Recovering" rams the Walker Brothers so far up Metallica in a late-period Beatles way it's unspeakably wonderful, dunno who let the oboe in, but good work fellah. The last of these gems, ha, we're rich, Martha, rich I tells ya, is "Nature Is A Machine" and it wields a huge, fuck off riff like a pedant with a scalpel and it is 'it'. This is the musical equal of spotting your missus's arse across a crowded room, I am in love, you cannot play this often or loud enough for me and as soon as I' ve got all that muck cleaned out of my bollocks, I'm going to have their fierce, sharp, evil, loud and groovy babies, alright! Stuff at the US label, Devil In The Woods is found at www.devilinthewoods.com and there should be stuff at the UK end as well now, www.integrityrecords.co.uk We're also trying to get 'em over for some shows later in the year. - Shane