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Snow Gas Bones

Cracked Single
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Sick Fixation Single


MEOW MEOW - CRACKED (Integrity Records)
1. Cracked
2. Not Worth Recovering
3. Nature is a Machine

When they weren't a post-punk version of The Velvet Underground, The Jesus and Mary Chain were fixated by the West Coast harmonies of the Beach Boys, although their good vibrations also (thankfully) involved serious slices of nasty Glaswegian noise.

Judging my the downloads available on their website, Los Angeles based Meow Meow clearly have lots of time for these aforementioned bands. However, the main track here - Cracked - combines in-yer-face high pitched samples, some gentle country-tinged guitar and a serious fetish for The Boo Radleys and Spacemen 3. And waddya know? It's a bizarre but winning combination.

The fervour continues on Not Worth Recovering, a bouncy pop song that is given real presence by some bombastic and pointed electronic samples, and Nature is a Machine, a fuzzy languid affair that involves all manner of sonic swirls and old-time brass interjections starkly contrasted against a drum machine and full on guitar overload. This might have all been a horrid mess yet spot-on-production means that every nuance is allowed to shine through.

Meow Meow's debut album Snow Gas Bones is already out in the states and is due in the UK in September. If you're an aficionado of the aforementioned British indie bands then you'd be doubtless well chuffed by this American band's unashamed admiration for them. What goes round comes back around but the electronic attacks in these laid back tunes gives them a real razor's edge. Feel the pain...