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Snow Gas Bones

Cracked Single

Sick Fixation Single
Manchester Music
Losing Today


3 August 2004 / Integrity Records / 3 Trk CD (Devil In The Woods)

By Manuel Ecostos

LA quartet Meow Meow blew us away with their debut "Cracked". It's fair to say that "Sick Fixation" doesn't better their previous record, but it does come close. If Brian Wilson had fallen in love with Neil Young and My Bloody Valentine and managed to maintain his age at 22, then Meow Meow would most probably be the warped result. Whilst the lead track uniquely blends lush harmonies to distortions and bleeding guitar effects, "Breathe Easy" is equally as wonderous and could happily live, as the champion of this release. The band hit these shores this September (04). You'd be well advised to check them out - they are something rather special by all accounts so far.

MMMM 1/4