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Meow Meow ‘Sick Fixation’ (Devil in the Woods / Integrity).

A quick return to these pages for Los Angeles based Meow Meow following their highly infectious Earlies / Spiritualized meets head on at full speed Jesus and Mary Chain debut ‘Cracked’. With a long player waiting feverishly in the shadows slated for release next month time enough for this 3-track taster to pull in a few wandering souls. ‘Sick Fixation’ is one of those cuts that grows with each attendant listen, not as immediate as ‘Cracked’ it has to said but still packing a brutal West Coast punch. Slacker pop for the beach kids, ‘Sick Fixation’ is so laid back its horizontal, tingling fuzzing guitars with Wilson brothers sun kissed harmonies craftily reminiscent of Husker Du as though tamed and lulled by the Mayflies and Velvet Crush. Better still is the kooky heat stroked ‘Breathe Easy’ with its trace fumes of Elephant 6’s finest breezing in the stratosphere and without a shadow of doubt housing some of the most comatose guitar riffs you are ever likely to hear for the rest of the year. Bringing up the rear in a strangely odd fashion is the decidedly creak and off balanced ‘Rewind’ which is sort of a acoustic lullaby and then not a acoustic lullaby if you get my drift, imagine the characters from the Magic Roundabout sleeping off a real bad night on the ale with Dylan much to wired to fall into slumber trying to sing himself to sleep. You know you want it. www.integrityrecords.co.uk