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Meow Meow | Snow Gas Bones
In the world of indie pop, bands like Meow Meow are a rarity, but they're best defined not so much by who they are, but who they aren't. They're not yet another forgettable act walking into the indie pop world with a faux-Icelandic sound, sounding sparse, airy, and utterly without structure. They don't get by with a bunch of amorphous wailing set over pretty, drifting chord changes, and call it a day.

Instead, their magnificently crafted songs bring out the best of 60's pop melodies, but with a touch of fuzzy modern guitar licks and the kind of bizarre sonics that all but typify the indie pop genre. It's a beautiful blend that's easily accessible, yet like any truly classic record, more rewarding the deeper you go. It's perhaps a bit early to comment on its longevity, but Snow Gas Bones should stick around well after other indie albums have come and gone.

Reviewed by John

Rating : 4.5 / 5