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attitude in volume

Issue 42 May-June 2004

There is a compelling sonic schizophrenia at the heart of Meow Meow involving distorted guitars, classic pop harmony and melody, ambient synth bubbles, twisted found sound sampling and a creative mindset that seems to simultaneously and improbably incorporate both art-damage experimentalism and unbridled pop joy. Ex-Pink Noise Test guitarist Kirk Hellie and ex-Brain Jones Was Murdered guitarist Christopher O'Brien fist conceived Meow Meow as a side project nearly six year ago but have only recently been able to realize a full-length version of their studio frippery (with help from bassist/all rounder Michael Orendy and drummer Norm Block). Imagine a jam where Brian Eno and David Byrne turntable the Beach Boys while Fountains of Wayne perform a tribute to My Bloody Valentine and the Flaming Lips make ProTools origami with the combined catalogs of Weezer, 10CC, the Beatles and Elliott Smith. And that's just two tracks deep into "Snow Gas Bones". If this is the starting line, fans of unique pop invention will be praying like the righteous that Hellie and Meow Meow are up for running a marathon. Squelchy and sweet in the same earful, "Snow Gas Bones" is an early contender for 2004 list making.